About Us

Pacific Rim Software Ltd. is the developer of an accounting software package targeted for the construction industry. Our package contains the base accounting requirements of the General Ledger with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Additional modules such as job costing, equipment control, and contract maintenance can be integrated into the base package as required.

We have a client base of over 50 companies, some of which have been using our software for more than a decade.

Mr. Robert Percival, the president of Pacific Rim Software Ltd., has extensive knowledge of our software and the construction industry itself. He is one of the original designers of the construction package and has installed, and worked with the package for over 16 years. Mr. Percival has become acutely aware of the needs and concerns of our customers through his experience in customizing and installing the software.

Pacific Rim Software Ltd. is proud of its’ talented staff. Our employees specialize in different areas and can provide expert support in accounting, technical needs, hardware selections, custom programming solutions, and training.

We can provide assistance in the configuration and installation of network solutions for Linux and Windows.

We also sell, install, and provide training for Windows based applications (i.e.: Excel, Word, etc.).

Our continuing goal is to provide present and future clients with up-to-date software and technology.